Slack context provider for OpenCtx

This is a context provider for OpenCtx that brings Slack context to code AI and editors. Slack context provider allows to search for relevant threads when mentioning a slack channel and use all the messages in the thread as the context to AI.

Status: Experimental


To create Slack User Auth token:

  1. Create a slack app for you workspace from scratch using slack api - Click on "Create New App" button..
  2. Go to the "OAuth & Permissions" tab and add the following permission in the User Token Scopes.
  • channels:history
  • channels:read
  • search:read
  • users:read
  1. Click on "Install to workspace".
  2. Copy the "User OAuth Token" and use it as the slackAuthToken in the OpenCtx provider configuration.
  3. Use the following OpenCtx provider configuration:

"openctx.providers": {
// ...other providers...
"": {
"slackAuthToken": "<USER OAuth Token>"