OpenCtx extension for Monaco Editor

The @openctx/monaco-editor-extension npm package implements a Monaco Editor extension that shows OpenCtx items on files.


Install it:

npm install @openctx/monaco-editor-extension @openctx/client

Set up an OpenCtx client:

import { createClient } from '@openctx/client'
import { createExtension, makeRange } from '@openctx/monaco-editor-extension'
// Set up a client.
const client = createClient({
configuration: () =>
enable: true,
providers: {
'': true,
logger: console.error,
// Now, get the editor object that refers to the Monaco editor you want to
// extend. Some code calls monaco.editor.create directly, and some code uses
// a wrapper around Monaco.
const editor: monaco.editor.IStandaloneCodeEditor = monaco.editor.create(/* ... */)
// Then create the extension and call it on the Monaco editor object.
const disposable = createExtension(client)(editor)
// Call disposable.dispose() when done to free resources.


Clone this repository and run pnpm run demo from this directory, then visit http://localhost:5901. See the demo/ dir for source code.