Status: experimental

OpenCtx providers are simple programs that fetch relevant information about a code file from other dev tools:

  • Docs/wiki: relevant design docs and other internal docs about your code.
  • Issues: bugs and planned work on your code.
  • Logs: log messages and errors from your application in production.
  • Observability: execution traces and stats from your application.
  • Monitoring: performance and status metrics recorded by your application.
  • Design: mockups and storybooks of your application and UI components.

This information is consumed by OpenCtx clients:

  • Editors: see code metadata about the code you're editing or debugging.
  • Code search: search by and see code metadata when reading and exploring code.
  • Code hosts & code review: see code metadata about the code you're reviewing on your code host.
  • Code AI tools: feed additional codebase context to your code AI tool so it writes/fixes code and answer questions better—a code AI tool is more likely to be able to fix a bug if it can see relevant stack traces from your production logging service.