Notion context provider for OpenCtx

This is a context provider for OpenCtx that provides Notion results as context via the mentions and items APIs.


Add the following to your settings in any OpenCtx client:

"openctx.providers": {
// ...other providers...
"": {
"auth": "<your notion bot access token>"

See to get set up with a token for the Notion API.

Remember to add your integration to a page such that it can search that page and all sub pages.


This provider configuration is a subset of the configuration for the NotionHQ JavaScript client:

  • auth :: Bearer token for authentication. Required.
  • logLevel :: Verbosity of logs the client will produce. Levels are "debug", "info", "warn" (default) and "error".
  • timeoutMs :: The number of milliseconds to wait before timing out an API call to Notion. Defaults to 60000.