OpenCtx for VS Code

Contextual info about code from your dev tools, in your editor. See

Screenshot of OpenCtx annotations for Storybook in a code file

Hover over a UI component in code to see what it looks like


Status: experimental

  1. Install OpenCtx for VS Code (sourcegraph.openctx).

  2. Add the following to your VS Code settings:

    "openctx.providers": {
    "": true,

  3. Open a code file and look for the "Hello World" items from OpenCtx.

  4. Add other OpenCtx providers to see more contextual info about your code:

  5. (Optional) Add Sourcegraph as an OpenCtx provider in VS Code to get the same items in your editor as you get in Sourcegraph:

    "openctx.providers": {
    // ...other providers...
    "": true,