OpenCtx browser extension

The OpenCtx browser extension enhances your code host's UI with contextual info from your other dev tools.


Install it for:

Supported code hosts:

  • GitHub (code view, pull request diff view)
  • Coming soon: GitLab, Bitbucket Cloud & Server


After installing it in Chrome, visit the following pages to see it in action:

Click the extension's icon to change your configuration.


Screenshot of OpenCtx annotations in a GitHub pull request

See relevant docs when reviewing a GitHub PR

Screenshot of OpenCtx annotations in the GitHub code view

And when viewing files on GitHub.

Known issues

No remotely hosted .js OpenCtx providers

Because of the restriction on remotely hosted code in Chrome extensions, the browser extension does not support all OpenCtx context providers.

Supported providers:

Unsupported providers:

  • Any other provider that is implemented as a JavaScript bundle executed on the client

GitHub pull request files are annotated with only partial file contents

Only the displayed portion of the diffs of GitHub pull request files are sent to the OpenCtx provider. Providers do not receive the full contents of the changed files, nor do they receive the diff markers to let them know whether each line was an addition, removal, edit, or context.